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Your trusted compliance advisors. 

Halo AML has grown from a small beginnings to becoming an industry standard for providing digital tools to ensure robust compliance is delivered across many business entities.

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Innovative Compliance Solutions

From Risk Assessments to innovative compliance solutions for a large number of reporting entities. 
We provide robust solutions for client onboarding and data management. We are EDD specialists and have a team of experts available for consultation on matters relating, but not limited to compliance, best practise and above all robust, durable and measurable business systems.
It is our mission to ensure that you meet the "gold standard" of compliance in the most cost effective way but in doing so enjoying the benefit of huge efficiencies.
We are here to serve.


Tailored and bespoke solutions to all things AML and related compliance.


Let's Talk!

We want to get to know you! KYC is what we are about. In this space, we would like to understand the core issues that you have and how we can assist with a solution. This commences with a free 30 minute discussion after which we can find a pathway to assist with a bullet proof solution.

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The Pathway

  • A summary audit
  • Key objectives
  • Timeframes
  • Desires and outcome definition
  • Culture and ethos
  • Achievables 
  • The bottom line.

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Compelling, Cost Effective, Logical & Robust

  • Tailored systems for AML and related compliance.

  • Full service solutions for Real Estate, Lawyers and Accountants.

  • Digital tools for onboarding.

  • EDD services available. (cost savings)

  • Staff training

  • Tools for the trade - digital!

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